Sunday, 26 June 2011

Vampire Knight Photoshoot (Rima Touya)

I'm only going to upload a few of the photos from this shoot to my DeviantArt since I don't want to spam it too much~

So I will picspam here instead! XD

These are some of my favourites from the photoshoot, I hope you guys will like them! Feel free to leave a comment here or at ~ ^^

Yuuki Cross by Siami @
Kaname Kuran by Kimberly @
Senri Shiki/Rido by Saku @
Rima Touya by Aki (Me) @

Photos by:
Kimberly D @
Lucian L
Dillon W

Note: This is just what I have for now, I will be uploading MANY others as I get them, so keep checking back for more!! :D

Aaaand... Photos of us being silly~ XD


  1. wow great photos :)

  2. HOMFG SO CUTE !~ I love your Rima Aki :) Though just wondered what happened to her ribbons ^^;; And also it would it better to have thinned out her ponytails :) Please don't take offence >n<;;

    But I really love your cosplay !~ If you ever come up to Sydney we have got to do something together :P And let me borrow that wig xD Too adorable ~

    And you really nailed the "Doll" look of Rima's with your make-up !! <3<3<3

    Mind a feature on my blog?

  3. You look cute as Rima ! She's my favouriteee character in VK, well she and Shiki ofc <3 ! But yes~ You look gorgeous <3

  4. I love your cosplay, you look so much like Rima! <3
    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your wig? Thanks!

  5. you look cute as rima touya ! i love it !
    btw visit me back plis